Private Ambulance Insurance

Private ambulances provide a vital service to those in need, taking some of the strain off frontline medical transportation services whilst delivering treatment where necessary. Whilst they are generally used for non-emergency cases, it is not uncommon for private ambulance operators and medics to encounter people requiring immediate medical attention.

For the most part they are well trained to deliver such care and may already be covered, but in more serious cases it may be necessary to give emergency treatment in a situation not covered by your workplace insurance.

Peace of mind for operators and staff

Whilst you might think that people would be grateful for any form of care you can provide, the unfortunate fact is that in an increasingly litigious society there are numerous cases of private ambulance operators with the best of intentions being sued for malpractice.

Normally this would be covered under their employer’s medical indemnity insurance, but if the care given is outside of their professional remit, such as if they are a passer-by at the scene of an accident or attempting to give emergency care that they are not qualified to give, they may be liable.

The Medical Indemnity Register is an independent broker providing round the clock insurance for such cases, affording you the peace of mind to be able to use your skills to help people even if you’re not “on the clock” as it were. Private ambulances can provide a lifeline for people, and there must be nothing worse than feeling obliged to help someone but not wanting to for fear of being sued.

Our insurance enables you to do whatever you can to help without having to worry about legal reprisal, and could ultimately help you to save someone’s life. Call now on 0117 9556835 to arrange your cover

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