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Any doctor will be acutely aware of how society is becoming more and more litigious, and the inherent blame culture in which we live can leave people afraid to take risks for fear of being sued. Doctors are in a unique position of being supremely qualified to help people, and yet despite their best efforts their attempts to give treatment when outside of their professional remit, such as in an emergency situation, can leave them vulnerable to litigation.

Are you sure you’re covered by doctor’s professional indemnity insurance?

When at work, nearly all doctors are covered by their employer’s professional indemnity insurance, which covers all treatment that they are qualified to give in a professional capacity. Outside of work however, for instance if you are one of the first on the scene at an accident and first aid is required, you are not necessarily covered. This can even apply to medical situations occurring in a hospital environment, whereby a patient may suddenly experience difficulties that you are not qualified to treat, such as a heart attack or respiratory problems.

Do you need additional doctor’s malpractice insurance?

In such situations you might hope that people would be grateful for any treatment you can give, but the unfortunate fact is that claims nevertheless do still happen. In order to mitigate this risk, insurance is available for Samaritan acts and other similar situations from the Medical Indemnity Register.

We’re an independent broker that provides insurance to individuals and groups in the healthcare profession that covers them in the same way as doctors’ malpractice insurance, but applies to treatment delivered outside of their official work responsibilities. This cover applies for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and means that if you encounter a situation where you feel that you can use your skills to help, you can without the fear of legal reprisal.

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