Psychologist indemnity insurance

Psychologists aren’t often called upon to deliver first aid or serious emergency care, but that’s not to say that incidents don’t occur from time to time in which psychologists go above and beyond to provide treatment.

This can take the form of a patient experiencing medical difficulties in a session, or even a Samaritan act whereby you use your skills to help someone outside of work, be it in first aid or psychological counselling. It’s also not uncommon for people to try and rack the brains of psychologists even when they’re off the clock.

Are you covered?

Whilst in the professional environment you would ordinarily be covered for any malpractice by your employer’s psychologist indemnity insurance, any care given or services rendered in a non-professional capacity or out of hours may leave you liable to legal recourse. Often this care is given with the best of intentions, and so it can be galling when people wish to sue even though you were only trying to help. Whilst such cases are relatively rare, they can and do happen.

For such eventualities, the Medical Indemnity Register is an independent broker that provides indemnity insurance for any care given in a non-professional capacity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This could be delivering treatment to a patient requiring first aid, or it could be attempting to use your skills to help someone experiencing medical difficulties as a passer-by.

It works in much the same way as regular psychologist indemnity insurance, but it covers you for care given that is technically outside your professional remit. Helping people is one of the most rewarding aspects of psychology, and this insurance enables you to provide appropriate care in a non-work environment without the fear of being sued for malpractice.

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