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At any given time all over the country, health professionals are carrying out medical procedures on patients. This can include anything from laser eye surgery and botox injections to sexual health screening and chiropody. Anyone practising such disciplines should already be aware of the malpractice laws in the health sector, and for the most part any care delivered in a professional capacity, ie “on the job”, will be covered by your employer’s insurance for health professionals.

Make sure you’re covered at all times

However, care given in a non-professional capacity, whether it’s delivering unrelated emergency treatment to someone experiencing medical difficulties in your work premises, or acting as a Samaritan at the scene of an incident outside of work, may not be covered.

It is an unfortunate fact that blame culture has resulted in our society becoming more and more litigious, and whilst you may not expect someone to be ungrateful when you are only trying to help, there are still cases in which people get sued for attempting to deliver treatment outside of their professional remit.

MIR covers the following health professionals:

Beauty Salons/Ear Piercing
Gyms & Fitness Centres
Sports Injury Clinics
Speech Therapists

If you can’t find your profession on the list, please call us.

Confident in delivering care

The Medical Indemnity Register is an independent broker providing insurance for such circumstances, covering you at all times for any treatment you give on a non-professional basis, whether it’s as a passer-by or giving emergency first aid to a patient or client.

There can be few things more frustrating than knowing that you can help but being reluctant to for fear of legal recourse, and our insurance enables you to use your skills to deliver what treatment you can to those in need. Call now on 0117 9556835 for cost effective cover.

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