Nurses Indemnity Insurance

For a nurse carrying out their everyday work it’s the nature of the job that they have to treat the sick and the injured, and there’s always a risk that despite their best efforts something might go wrong. Generally any nursing undertaken in a paid professional capacity, or in other words “on the job”, is covered by the employer’s nursing indemnity insurance.

However for medical treatment delivered outside of work, such as Samaritan acts or attempting to undertake medical procedures outside of your remit as a nurse, you could be liable should something go wrong.

Are you covered by your nurses indemnity insurance?

In the case of an emergency you wouldn’t expect someone to be ungrateful for any treatment and care that you attempt to deliver, but the fact is that we live in an increasingly litigious society, and so claims can and do occur.

The Medical Indemnity Register is an independent broker providing indemnity insurance for nurses covering any treatment they give outside of that which is delivered in a professional work capacity, for instance if you assist as a passer-by at the scene of an accident.

This cover applies 24/7/365 providing you with peace of mind as well as the freedom to be able to use your skills to help people without fear of legal reprisal. This form of insurance works in the same way as your employer’s nurses indemnity insurance does for treatment given in the workplace, only it applies outside of work.

There can be few things more frustrating than wanting to help someone who is experiencing medical difficulties, but not being able to for fear of being sued, and this cover means that you needn’t feel hamstrung in such a situation. Most importantly, it could ultimately help you to save someone’s life.

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