Private Nursing Home Medical Indemnity

In private nursing homes across the country it’s a relatively common occurrence that their residents will from time to time experience medical difficulties that can range from the mild to the severe.

For the most part the staff at these facilities are trained – and insured - to deal with such incidents, however there are instances when the treatment required is beyond the remit of the nurses, carers and other medical professionals. A sudden heart attack for example demands first aid that even if you are the first on the scene, you may feel under-qualified to deliver. On top of this there is the risk that if you were to attempt to deliver such treatment, the fact that it is technically beyond your professional capacities can leave you liable to litigation.

Can you administer first aid with confidence?

Any treatment delivered in a professional capacity, or “on the job” as it were, should be covered by medical indemnity insurance held by the private nursing home as your employer. However in cases where with the best intentions you are forced to exceed your professional obligations, this insurance may not cover you. This also applies for circumstances in which you attempt to use your skills to help, for instance as a passer-by of an accident outside of work.

Equally, as the owner of a private nursing home, you should ensure that you and your staff are covered to avoid the risk of litigation if something went wrong.

The Medical Indemnity Register is an independent broker that provides insurance for private nursing homes to make sure you are covered not just for the medical treatment you give as part of your service, but any medical treatment you provide beyond that, whether it’s escorting a resident off-site or providing volunteer first aid at a local event.

This affords you the peace of mind to be able to help in a medical emergency in any way you feel able to, and not have to worry about the risk of legal reprisal.

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