Insurance For Therapists & Complementary Medicine Practitioners

It is not a frequent occurrence for therapists or practitioners of complementary medicine to be required to deliver emergency care to patients, customers or clients, but such incidents can and do happen. Any care given as part of your job will ordinarily be covered against malpractice by your employer’s insurance or your professional indemnity, but this will not necessarily apply to care given outside of your professional remit.

Are you covered for giving emergency treatment?

A possible example could be someone suffering from sudden medical difficulties either caused by a procedure you are carrying out, or unrelated to it, that you may be unqualified to treat. Doing something is almost always better than doing nothing, and so most people will try to help however they can. Unfortunately, in this increasingly litigious culture in which we live, there are more and more cases of people being sued for attempting to do exactly this. Another example could be using your skills as a passer-by at the scene of an accident, known as a Samaritan act.

MIR covers the following therapists or complementary practitioners

Alexander Technique Therapists
Alternative Medical Clinics
Ayurveda Practitioners
Bach Remedies
Biochemic Therapies
Cholesterol Testers
Colonic Irrigationists
Colour Therapists
Craniosacral Therapists
Crystal Therapists
Polarity Therapists
Radionics Therapists
Rolfing Therapists
Shiatsu Therapists
Yoga Teachers

If you can’t find your profession on the list, please call us.

Care with confidence

If you feel that you are able to help someone then you should not have to worry about the risk of indemnity and malpractice, and at the Medical Indemnity Register we’re here to help. We are an independent broker providing insurance to all medical professionals, enabling them to help however they can without the fear of legal reprisal.

In an emergency situation you shouldn’t feel hamstrung by the risk of potential litigation, and we aim to enable health professionals to use their skills as effectively as they can, whatever the circumstances. Call now on 0117 9556835 for cost effective cover.

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