What Is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is in essence an act of professional negligence in the field of medicine, and whilst it is more readily associated with doctors and nurses, it actually applies to a wide variety of disciplines. Where medical or clinical care is being provided, whether it’s psychiatry, acupuncture or even cosmetic care such as ear piercing, there is a risk of medical malpractice.

If negligence is proven then this can result in a compensation claim being made, and this can prove enormously costly even if the claim is unsuccessful. In the US in particular, enormous settlements have been awarded which can ruin people and practices both financially and professionally. For this reason, medical malpractice coverage is essential for anyone providing healthcare in a professional capacity.

What is medical malpractice Insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance is a particular form of insurance that covers you against claims brought against you in cases of alleged professional negligence in delivering any form of medical treatment.

Unlike in other forms of insurance, medical malpractice claims are often not brought until some time after an incident has occurred, often because symptoms may take time to develop, and it may be difficult to establish a link.

Medical malpractice is often associated with hospital procedures, however it can apply to any form of medical treatment from acupuncture to dentistry. Ordinarily any procedures you carry out in a professional capacity will be covered by your employer’s medical malpractice insurance, however for incidents where unrelated medical treatment is given, or for Samaritan acts, you may not necessarily be covered.

Who needs medical malpractice coverage?

When at work, you will ordinarily be covered by the medical malpractice insurance held by your employer. However in cases in which you are acting in a non-professional capacity, such as if a patient, client or customer experiences medical difficulties on your premises and you attempt to treat them, or you are delivering first aid as a passer-by outside of work, you may not be covered.

The Medical Indemnity Registry have for over 30 years been providing medical indemnity insurance and advice to healthcare professionals across a range of sectors. This insurance enables them to get on with their jobs without the constant fear of litigation ruining their careers. We specialise in providing insurance for Samaritan acts, which will not necessarily be covered by your employer’s insurance, giving you the peace of mind to be able to use your skills to help others whatever the circumstances.

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