First Aid Insurance

By law, any sufficiently sized organisation or event requires a trained first aider to deal with potential medical emergencies, and whilst such occurrences are rare and often relatively benign – a sprained ankle or minor cut for instance – they can sometimes be rather more serious. Qualified first aiders also tend to instinctively try to help even in situations where their skills are not officially recognised, for instance as a passer-by or as a Samaritan act.

If your first aid treatment went wrong, you could be sued

Any first aid or other medical treatment that is delivered in a non-professional capacity, or outside of the premises or timescales in which you are a nominated first aider, can mean that you run the risk of being sued for malpractice. Ordinarily at the workplace or event in which you are qualified to deliver first aid you may be covered under your employer’s or associated organisation’s first aider insurance. However when you are off the clock or attempting to give care beyond your professional remit you may still be liable.

Have confidence in helping others

The Medical Indemnity Register provides insurance for such situations, covering you for care given outside of your professional remit 365 days a year. We are an independent broker, and aim to give our members the freedom to be able to use their skills to help people however they can in any situation without having to worry about being sued for it.

First aiders are in a unique position of being able to help in many kinds of medical situation, and our insurance helps them to do so without being punished for it. Call now on 0117 9556835 for cost effective cover.

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