Indemnity For Medical Professionals

The medical profession encompasses a surprisingly broad range of industries and sectors, and is not just limited to hospitals and surgeries. From sports injury clinics and opticians to ear piercing, healthcare can come in many different forms.

For any treatment delivered in a professional capacity, you will normally be insured against any malpractice claims that may arise, so long as the treatment you are providing is done so within the course of your work.

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Cover for any medical intervention

However, there may be occasions when other forms of treatment may be required, for instance if a customer or client experiences unrelated medical difficulties on your premises that you are not necessarily qualified to treat.

Alternatively you may be attempting to help someone as a passer-by at the scene of an accident. Whilst you may think that people would be grateful for any help you can give, the unfortunate fact is that there are many cases like this in which people have been known to sue for malpractice.

MIR covers the following medical professions:

Ambulance/Repatriation Services
Autologous Bloodbanks
Clinical Research Establishments
Health Screening/Mobile Units
Inoculation/Travel Centres
Industrial/Occupational Health
Laser Eye Treatments
Medical Centres
Medical Personnel/Employment Agencies
Pathology Laboratories
Clinics & Care Centres

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The Medical Indemnity Registry is an independent broker that serves to provide insurance for all medical professionals against claims that occur outside the line of duty. It works in a similar way to the indemnity insurance held by your employer, but applies to medical treatment given outside of your professional capacities. If you are able to deliver medical treatment to someone in difficulty, then you should not feel constrained by the risk of legal recourse.

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