Who needs Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Medical indemnity insurance is a subject with which all medical practitioners should be familiar, even if you think you work in such an obscure field that it shouldn’t affect you. Medical indemnity is an issue that applies to anyone delivering medical treatment, from frontline doctors and nurses to dentists, therapists and psychologists.

This form of insurance protects you from the risk of costly litigation in the event of a malpractice action brought by a patient, client, customer or their agents as a result of treatment that you have given them. This can apply to treatment provided in a professional capacity, in which you should ordinarily be covered by your employer’s medical indemnity insurance.

Are you covered for delivering vital first aid outside the workplace?

It can also apply to treatment given at your place of work but unrelated to your area of expertise, or any sort of medical treatment provided outside of work, such as delivering first aid at the scene of an incident as a passer-by. Medical indemnity insurance should be a virtual necessity for any healthcare professional, as a single incident or mistake could ruin your whole career.

The Medical Indemnity Register is an independent broker that specialises in this form of insurance, and our team of experts aim to help you in any way they can in the event of a claim. You may have trained for years to build up the skills to enable you to help people, and you shouldn’t be prevented from using those skills for fear of being sued.

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